The Quest for the NewSound
a short Luc Skywalker biography:

My real name is Luc Vogten, and I was born on the 22nd of april 1973 in Sittard, but I grew up in Thorn, a small village in Limburg, the southern part of the Netherlands. At that time I was not interested in making music at all, because life in Thorn was - and still is - all about playing in one of the two local traditional street bands (the best in the world of that kind), so I spent most of my time drawing and painting, just to be different...
But I never stopped listening to the radio, hoping for someone to invent a less traditional sound, to go with the upcoming computer age. And then, in the late 1980's, when people were slowly getting used to synthesizers in pop music, a song named "Humanoid"(by Stakker Humanoid) entered the 'hitparades', introducing to me a whole new sound, not like any instrument or keyboard I had ever heard: the famous 'acid' sound of the TB303, as I learned much later.
I fell in love with this new, all electronic sound and decided to find more of that, a quest that became much easier when I moved to Maastricht in 1991 to study at the Academy of Arts for five years. At that time Outland Records had a shop in Maastricht and I started collecting all kinds of strictly underground electronic, synthesized music, from ambient and Aphex Twin to hardtrance, techno, electro, drum&bass and even industrial, like µ-ziq, and - of course - acid.
But still I was far away from being a DJ, until 1995, when the owner of a small pub, who had heard of my collection, asked me to play at a 'full moon' party there, which was quite succesfull, and for one year I played mostly chill-out music there every wednesday until 'café Bananas' was closed.
The next year - from '96 to '97 - I just played at one ore two occasions, but I visited many parties (commercial to illegal), and in between I practiced mixing on a set owned by me and two of my friends (no jobs...).
Meanwhile Outland Records had been replaced by 'Sirius> Smart Sounds', and since I had stopped buying hardtrance and started mixing mainly underground electro, drum&bass and sometimes hardcore techno, I changed my DJ-name from "Mr.Minit" to "Luc Skywalker", my nickname at Sirius, where I have worked since 1998.
At that time, a new underground club in Maastricht called 'Backstage', invited me to become a resident on - again - wednesdays, and I decided to introduce every week a new DJ (customers at Sirius) to the public, who never showed up. So instead of every wednesday I then organized about six times a year on friday a party at Backstage called "Y2K", still all about different styles of underground dance music for the New Millennium and giving upcoming DJs a chance to present themselves, but much more succesfull. I also used these parties to present my graphic artwork, which I continued making even after I left the Academy, and all Y2K posters and flyers are my own designs.
Also in the year 1998, I became a regular DJ of Sirius' party organizing crew called 'Hectic', who in 1999 started a weekly techno event in Sittard called 'the ZOO', and after that the more famous 'House of God' in Maastricht. What I played here was usually some drum&bass or electro in the chill-out, still my favourite place because of the wide range of music you can put on.
But not many events include a chill-out, so I decided to put some of my laidback records on tapes, and try to sell some of them in one of the coffeeshops here in Maastricht. The result were 7 different 90-minute mixes, of which over 500 copies have been sold all together in about 3 years. Since tapes have been almost completely replaced by CD's, the follow-up was a serie of 3 cd's of downtempo triphop, breakbeats/electro and drum'n'bass -mixes. And more will follow.
From 2000 to 2003, after Hectic and besides Y2K (later continuing as 'Sound Of Soap'), I played regularly in 'Techno-House-Café De Kachel',a small pub in Eygelshoven (Landgraaf) where party-animals and dance-music lovers meet and enjoy whatever the DJ plays, and occasionally for organizations like Ekinox(B), Teknomadz(NL), Rest In Beatz(B) and Stormtroopers(NL), where I played some more danceable electronic sounds. In that period I also played at two festivals in Belgium. And now you can find me still at Backstage ('Sound of Soap' has become 'Breakin' Soundbarriers') in Maastricht(NL), sometimes at The Zoo in Hasselt(B), Fenix in Sittard(NL) or Spuugh in Vaals(NL), and occasionally elsewhere at Dedkob(B) or other events.
Dancefloor or chill-out, my quest for new sounds and my goal as a DJ have never changed: I still want to let people hear (not too many tricks in my sets) that in the 21rst century, this high-tech age, machines and computers have become great musical instruments with lots of new possibilities, just as long as they are obviously controlled by humans. This means I am always looking for emotions in all those synthetic sounds, and I never buy basicly start-to-end looped records.
You can read more about the music I play these days in the 'Music'-chapter, or - if you are familiar with artists and labels - have a look at my top 10s.