> Storm Rydaz part...

The Zoo 29-05-2010 [03-05-10]
Part...? As you can see on the flyer, the party is called Revolution 2, and this is going to be my second gig at Storm Rydaz in The Zoo in Hasselt. So in a way this is part 2 for me too. But I can not forget our first encounter in the Backstage last summer, so as for teaming up with this crew it will be 'part 3'. Then again, 3 would not do justice to the Storm Rydaz, because these kids have been up to a lot of events and radio gigs lately, and they are doing a great job! So I must say that I am honoured to join them again on Saturday May 29, for a special edition before the end of the Zoo season, and also celebrating Subsonics birthday. As you can read below, I enjoyed my previous vist to The Zoo big time, and I'm sure this one is going to be even better. Do not miss out!

> Update

As you may have noticed below the menu on the left, you can also trace me at MySpace (not very regularly updated either), or more recently at Facebook. The latter is very popular in Belgium, where I have many friends, and you can easily find out who is playing at, or going to certain events. Those of you who did already visit my Facebook page, could have found out about my appearance at another edition of Stormtrooper in February besides DuBlogic, which I did not mention here yet. But this one was very well worth mentioning though. Because of the off-season timing we did not expect this night to be more than average, but we were in for a surprise: around midnight the owners had to call for some extra staff to serve everybody at the bar, and obviously this also meant plenty of action on the dancefloor. DuBlogic and me still make a good combination to rock the place all the way to the pool table. For this one I dusted off some mid-90's techstep records (like 'Torque' by Ed Rush, Trace and Nico), to kick the night off in contrast to the oldschool jungle that was to follow later on. In the course of the night we gradually connected the one style to the other, making it a memorable set showcasing the many faces of drum'n'bass. Thanks to everyone involved and present!

> Return of the Jedi

Yes, I guess I can say 'Luc Skywalker is back!'. Or in other words: last night at the Zoo was a blast! Great to return there after all this time (that turned out to be 7 years...). With its black walls the place reminds me even more of Backstage now, but last night makes me ask myself again: why is Maastricht the only place where people think it's cool the show up at 00.30, then have a few drinks and a smoke before moving to the dancefloor at around 01.30, only to start complaining when the music shuts down at 03.00.
Fenix 16-01-10 Ofcourse, the Zoo - as most places in Belgium - does not close before early morning, but hey: here most people were in, and jumping around by midnight! So everybody who had to work the morning after and had to leave at 2 or 3 o'clock (like myself) had at least had 2,5 hours worth off full-on party pleasure, and no complaining! So needless to say that I had a great time, and besides the wonderful crowd, it was superb equipment (decks, mixer, monitor) and well-improved soundsystem at the Zoo that did the trick for me. And ofcourse my good old recordcase...
After a dubstep warm-up by Morah, people picked up my liquid 'intro' right from the start, only to go wild later on to more wicked oldschool techstep, jungle, and ravey tunes. A whole lot of drums, and plenty of bass, if I may say so myself. Also appreciated by hosting Storm Rydaz, this was probably not my last gig at the Zoo. Big up to everyone involved and present, looking forward to next one!
And now I can only hope that young drum'n'bass lovers in Sittard are as much into oldschool as the Hasselt massive. Come and find out on January 16, at the Fenix, as this gig has now been confirmed.

> Back to the Zoo

After a long period of just playing at the good old Backstage every now and then, my private situation allows me to broaden my horizon again. But not to rush things and taking everything step by step as I usually do, I will start traveling around again at some places where I have been quite often, but just not for a very long time. First up is The Zoo in Hasselt, a place that reminds me of the Backstage in that it is also the home of a wide variety of events. I have played there several times about a decade ago, and once even organised a breakbeat event myself. As I remember it, the DJ booth was great, the sound not too bad, and the crowd usually good. In the meantime the place has had a few owners, but in the shop I have heard many good comments on recent developments so I'm looking forward very much to teaming up with Storm Rydaz again for Storm Invaders.
And in the new year, on saturday January 16 I've been invited to come and play at some drum'n'bass event at the Fenix in Sittard. I played only a few times at this place, but I have seen many bands and had a lot of nights out here in my 'alternative' years before becoming DJ Luc Skywalker. So I'm talking early 90's here, which means that some people in the audience next year were still crwaling around in diapers back then - my god I'm getting old... At this point this event still has to be confirmed, so keep checking my info for latest details.

> My new style: 'consessive'

Yesterday, thursday October 1rst, I played a totally new set at the Backstage to meet the audience of host of the night Don Londi. This was only the second time we were at the decks together, and because he had invited me to come and play at his own new format 'Downstairs' (every first thursday of the month), I decided for the first time in my life as a DJ to give in and adjust a little bit to the situation and the audience expected, and therefore I call my new style 'consessive'. Mind you: I did not buy a single new record for the occasion. I just searched through my collection, listening for B-sides or remixes that I usually do not play but still meet my characteristics of good music. The result was a warm set, developing from some kind of minimal and deephouse through disco-ish sounds to electrofunk and breakbeats. Together with Don Londi's selection the night had a great vibe, and the small audience present showed that they enjoyed it. We are most certainly going to do something like this again in the near future, stay in touch...

> More drum'n'bass

Although most clubs in the region close down for summer, Backstage keeps its doors open for everyone who stays close to home and wants to enjoy his favourite underground or alternative music. And thus some of the regular events continue even during this off season, be it at low key level. Nontheless I was glad to be invited to play at this years free summer edition of Stormtrooper, and for the occasion I asked some young lads from Belgium that I met in the shop to join me. Two DJs who call themselves Double Impact, part of the Storm Rydaz crew from Belgium with connections in the UK. They are currently throwing successful drum'n'bass parties at the infamous 'Zoo' in Hasselt - a place of which a have great memories, and where I have not been far too long a time. As expected, this free summer edition was not a very busy night, but we had good time and gave the drum'n'bass addicts present what they came for: a good night out. At the end I was invited to join Double Impact again at some future event, and this is going to be Storm Invaders on thursday November 19. Finally I will return to the Zoo in Hasselt (B) after many years. Certainly looking forward to this one!!!

And talking about memories of some decade ago, my far friend aKaMichi called to remind me that this year was the 10th anniversary of Teknomads soundsystem. As I had been an accomplice in the first years, and had also taken part in the 5 year anniversary, he would like me to come warm up the speakers for this happy occasion. Ofcourse this was an offer I could not refuse, especially because the location was set not far from Maastricht so within very reasonable distance. For this event Teknomads joined forces with Daag soundsystem, and they found themselves a cool outdoor place at the foot of some typical chalk rocks. The Teknomads had built a 'stage' of speakers, and the DJ booth was in a seperate 'backstage' tent out of view. A great setup to drop my set of wicked drum'n'bass tunes, welcoming the people that were just starting to arrive by then. Great sound - that could be heard from kilometers around - and cool vids and lights on the rocks! After me it was just tekno DJs all night long at that stage, but the Daag soundsystem at the other end featured a more varied mix of musical styles, and as a result the crowd also was a nice blend of people. I had the opportunity to catch up with some old friends who had also found their way to this place in the middle of nowhere, just across the border in Belgium. Although my contribution was restricted to a small bit at the start, before a very select audience of mainly crew members, I would not have missed this one for the world. Thanks Michel and everyone else for putting this memorable event together and having me over!

> Time flies - an Update

Although I did not update my 'Dates' section, I have done a few more gigs at Backstage that are worth mentioning.
First of all the first edition of Stormtrooper in the new season (after summer holidays). I was accompanied by DNNB resident DubLogic, and the two of us did a great job - if I may say so myself. A good crowd had filled the Backstage quite early, and after a liquid and oldschool jungle warm-up, we turned the music up and from midnight on the dancefloor was packed: great feedback from the partycrowd jumping around all night, making it even more fun for me and DubLogic who were having a wonderful time at the decks from the start. Thanks and big up to everyone present!
Hope to see you all again for another edition of Stormtrooper, on friday April 3rd. This time we welcome the Rest in Beatz dj-crew from belgium, dropping a special drum'n'bass set with me.
As a warm-up for this one, on friday the 13th of February I teamed up with my old mate Free (from Rest In Beatz crew) for a diverse breakbeat mix session like we did a few times before, ages ago. On this occasion we showcased the whole range of UK underground breakbeats: dubstep, grime, 2-step, breakbeats, drum'n'bass and jungle. I personally believe that musically this was a night to remember, and I am glad that I have a full-length recording of this original mix that Free and I put together. A pitty that there was just a small audience enjoying it with us at the time...

> End of summer 2008 - Report

As you can see it has been 3 months since my last post. By now I am completely back in my usual routine at our space base station, and we have established a stable connection to Earth again. So now it is time for an update, because I did not sit still during radio silence.
First of all, let's go back to our little orbit excursion that started on top of a vintage Soyuz rocket. Ofcourse our little capsule could not hold a large number of people, but me and Willy Fitswell had a great time at the controls. We put together a mix of many styles: electro, breakbeats, dubstep, drum'and'bass and some things with no name to fit in between. After my long break, and considering that me and Willy are not usual co-pilots, this turned out surprisingly well. Although we have a very different record collection, our musical tastes blended perfectly. An experience well worth repeating some time.
At the first of August, I arrived at the mothership: Backstage. Here Willy was no longer at the controls with me; this time I joined captain Julien LeJeune at the bridge. I had been invited by the commander of the 'Au Contraire' battalion to join forces in a small electro battle. It's a pitty that young people today connect the name 'electro' to music that has nothing to do with the original electro that evolved when I was still in my Jedi training days. But this night was a good lesson in 'oldskool' electro, and although just a part of the battalion was on the ship - this took place during the summer holidays - our teachings were appreciated by all soldiers present, including Willy Fitswell. He liked our battling strategy so much, that he invited me and Julien to teach the people on planet Landbouwbelang what electro is all about.
And we also remembered our little Soyuz flight, so we agreed that I would appear as a surprise guest at next edition of Stormtrooper. Originally this one would only feature the Miblati DJ-Team, consisting of Willy and co-pilot Milan, but I am always in for dropping some big bass and driving drums with old friends so I was glad to be invited. The night turned out quite well for a last summer edition, and I enjoyed the sound of Miblati making a party on the dancefloor.
Two days later, me and captain Lejeune arrived at planet Landbouwbelang. Mission: to finish off the Bruis Afterparty. Since this was on a sunday and people had to work and go to school the next day, and that most of them had already been partying in the afternoon at the festival, we were surprised to see the large number of people enjoying our oldskool electro lesson until the very end. This sure was a night to remember, and I will! Kicked ass with Julien, met some old friends and had a good laugh in the huge squat building. This industrial place is exactly the right setting for our kind of electro: a bit dark and quite raw. Thanks to everyone involved or just present to have a great time! Hope to team up with captain Lejeune again soon...

> Interstellar Data Transmission Interference

At this moment I am experiencing one of the typical problems of travelling between the many Galaxies in our Universe: Interstellar Data Transmission Interference (IDTI). As we travel through different parts of the Universe and pass different energy fields of each new Galaxy, IDTI causes data transfers between and from the mothership, transport and voyage vessels, and battleships to fail. If you are not able to reach me, or you cannot find any information on Luc Skywalkers activities at this usual spot, you can always stay up to date at my earth-based back-up information centre that you can visit at

> Luc Skywalker back in orbit

After 3 months of looking after the family on the homeplanet, Luc Skywalker returns into space again to go on new missions. To get me back into orbit again my capsule will be launched by a classic carrier: the old Russian Soyuz rocket. Lift-Off will take place on Friday July 25 at Cafe De Witte Ballons in Maastricht, and is scheduled for 23.00 hours. Joining me in the cockpit is Willy Fitzwell, infamous rioteer from outer galaxy planet Landbouwbelang. Ofcourse entrance is free so all kosmonauts are invited to come and enjoy our outta space mix of extraterrestrial breaks including electro, dubstep, drum'n'bass, breakbeats and more.
From orbit around Earth, my capsule will take me further on my journey into space to arrive at the mothership a week later, on Friday August 1. Obviously the mothership is Backstage. On arrival I will have to get my gear installed and reboot my hardware before I will be completely back on duty again, so to welcome me home I have been invited by my fellow kosmonaut Julien LeJeune to join him at the decks of Au Contraire, a night of techno and electro. I'm sure it will be great to be back at the old Backstage again, seems like ages since I've been there. And I'm looking forward to teaming up with Julien at the decks, instead of just being at work together.
Hope to see some of you at one or both of these missions, because it has been such a long time since I've been in space and seen you all. And without you space would be a very lonely place...
> I'll be back!

Although the place was not exactly packed, I enjoyed my first gig and night out in Vise. My set with Boris could have been twice as long in my opinion, but I had a great time anyway. Cap Vert - homebase of the E-Legal Soundz crew - reminds me a lot of the Backstage in Maastricht: same underground atmosphere, cool people and great sound. But the place is a lot higher than Backstage, providing a lot more headroom and space for a VJ screen. Another plus is the closing hour, or rather the absence of just that. All in all I'm sure this was not my last visit to Cap Vert, and its party people. Thanks guys, for inviting me, and see you soon!
And now I will be out of the picture for a little while, devoting myself to parenthood: number three of the next Skywalker generation is expected to be born soon and the first three months or so of her young life I will be her fulltime daddy. But expect me to show up at the decks again somewhere at the end of summer...

> E-Legal Activities

Last friday me and aKaMichi enjoyed a little Re-Aktor reunion in De Witte Ballons. Like in the old days, we dropped a wide range of musical styles from dubstep and breakbeats, through electro, house and techno into drum'n'bass, tekno and a bit of breakcore. Atmosphere in 'De Ballons' as good as ever: good people, cool drinks, spliffs everywhere and even some movement here and there. Thanks a million to Jeanny and everyone else at De Witte Ballons. This was not the last one...! Myspace members can have a look at some pictures here.
At this moment I am looking forward very much to tonight's E-Legal Soundz event in Vise(B). For this occasion I will team up again with my mate Boris. Last year at Cooking Vinyl, we spontaneously did a 'versus' (taking turns spinning 3 records each), which turned out very well and I think it was one of the best blends of different musical styles. Tonight we are going to repeat, and possibly improve that formula. In fact the 'versus' concept will be the theme of the night: each E-Legal Soundz crew member (5 DJs) will team up with a guest - me and 2 other DJs, an MC and a digeridoo player! Last time I was invited by the E-Legal Soundz crew they presented themselves as a professional team of multimedia performers, and considering this one will take place at their homebase it simply MUST be a BLAST. Line-Up, directions and all other info in my DATES section. After this one I'm taking a break for a few months, so be there...!

> Minimal to Maximal

Last friday me and Slechtereur had a great time chillin' in the Backstage and droppin' some 'minimal' tunes. Especially our back2back session at the end of the night was great fun and turned out really well. If you want to hear our blend of styles featuring Luc Skywalkers 'minimal' selection you can download the recorded mix here. Fill in the safety code at the right top corner of this page, wait 45 seconds and then hit 'download' - enjoy.
From minimal I will be going straight back to 'maximal' again for another little revival of the good old days at De Witte Ballons in Maastricht with my mate aKaMichi who is living in Utrecht for some years now. We were two of the regular DJs to show up at the open DJ nights called 'Reaktor', introducing the harder and darker side of undergound electronic music to this alternative metal/punk/rock/hardcore pub. Thanks to Jores (Laserbrain) - drum'n'bass pioneer in Maastricht - and Hans - openminded late owner of the place - who made it all possible back then. De Witte Ballons can be found at Brusselsestraat 101, that's at the end of the street from Markt and Vrijthof heading out of the city centre. So if you are into electro, breakbeat, drum'n'bass and perhaps a bit of tekno, and happen to be around on Friday 7th of March, just pop in. Entrance is FREE, drinks are cheap, there are no bouncers and everyone is welcome - be yourselves and have a good time!

> Cpt. Skywalker is heading home

As you can read below I am expecting another family extension soon, so I have left the Starcruiser and am now on my way home to planet earth. Before I get there I will make a few stops. First this Friday 22nd of February, you can meet me at the Backstage where I will be Cooking Vinyl with my guest Slechtereur from planet miniMahlzeit, while my shuttle is getting the final check-up for the long journey. Next stop is De Witte Ballons on the 7th of March, where aKaMichi will fuel us up again with his energetic vibes. And during my final orbit just before entering Earth's atmosphere, on Saturday March 15, I will beam myself shortly to Vise (more info)- only if technology does not let me down.
If you are around these corners of the universe at that time, I hope to see you there at one of those events so we can have a good time together before I will disappear for a little while, to devote myself to educating the Power of The Force to the next Skywalker generation. Ofcourse only to return to the main ship again sometime in summer, to continue my explorations into the Universe of Music.
May The Force be with you!

> 2008...

Another year, with again a lot of things in store. If all goes well our third little baby will be born somewhere in April, so around that time I may not be found at any gigs for a while. But before that there is a number of events coming up, starting next Friday January 18: the first edition of Cooking Vinyl in the new year. This one will be a full electro-breaks edition, because I will be accompanied by E-Terno who organized some breaks events here in the south but moved to Eindhoven some time ago. It's going to be fun to do a little gig together again, so see you then!
After that I will be playing at the 1rst anniversary of Drum NN Bass, on Saturday February 9. A year ago I was one of the local DJs to play at the first edition of these drum'n'bass events in Limburg, at De Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen. By now Drum NN Bass is considered the best upcoming dutch drum'n'bass event, by voters at the Dutch DnB Awards. This time I will not play at mainstage, because the belgian Millenium Kru have been invited for this special edition. Instead you can hear me, and in fact all of the DJs who did the first edition a year ago, in the cafe of de Nieuwe Nor. Here we will drop a wide range of all kinds of breaks, dubstep, liquid and more to provide a little chill area called Breaks && Beats, that has taken place beside the last few editions of Drum NN Bass. Looking forward to be back at the Nieuwe Nor: a modern but very cool place, fantastic sound and a great crowd - I'm sure it will be completely sold out again!
And also in February, on Friday 22, another edition of Cooking Vinyl will take place at the Backstage in Maastricht - more info in my 'dates' section.

> E-Legal Soundz

Respect to all of the E-Legal Soundz crew! They had their event as part of the 'Etnik'Art' exhibition organized very professionally: state-of-the-art equipment and great performance. As a 'vinyl purist' I almost felt 'traditional' bringing just my recordcase. Those guys had at least 3 laptops on stage, from one of which they did some Final-Scratch controlled VJ-ing. To make this possible 2 DJ consoles had been installed with the 2 mixers connected. This impressive set-up provided many possibilities, and on stage I think we all made a very cool performance. Check out the pictures. The DJs brought a wide variety of music that blended very well together, and the VJs had prepared some Star Wars inspired material especially for the occasion. Too bad the screen was behind my back, but I was told the images and my music often seemed to be maid for each other. Thanks to the class A equipment I managed to put a mix together that I think is a good follow-up to 'Hardware on E' (and it sure was about time for that!).
Some familiar records in it - sure, but all in new nice long mixes. This real live (before an audience) mix will always remind me of this night, because you can hear some VJ audio samples (Darth Vader) in it from time to time. You can download it here. Thanks to Mark Hash and Double Axl for inviting me and for recording the evening. And they did a good performance as well; I preferred Mark's sounds, but the scratch-VJing of Axl was terrific. Excellent set by Boris too, a bit more in the range of what I play but then a mix of electro and (minimal) techno. I have a feeling you can hear him do his thing at the Backstage with me some time soon...
> Cooking Vinyl

Next edition of Cooking Vinyl will not be hosted by myself for a change. I am enjoying my holidays, so this friday the 6th of October my place will be taken over by my friend DJ Free from Belgium's infamous Dedkob crew. His guest will be Mr. Critical, and together they will bring a cool mix of breakbeats, hiphop and scratching. Don't miss out!
I will be back at the 'Cooking Vinyl' stove on Saturday the 3rd of November. Looking forward very much to this one, because I will be joined by the one and only Don Londi. He has been a DJ in Maastricht and resident at the Backstage at least as long as I am, but this will be the first time we are going to mix together there. A decade ago our musical styles were too different to mix, but by now we have grown (each in his own way) to a point where I think we can bring a very cool performance mixing together. Let's find out...

> Summer is gone...

Apart from this one having been the most rainy summer in ages where I live, I have another reason to be rather glad it has almost ended: this is also the end of the low season at Backstage when everybody picks up regular weekend nightlife again. And last friday we could not have started the new season better: together with Zoloft and me, a great crowd enjoyed last edition of Cooking Vinyl. Not only on the dancefloor, but all over the place people were dancing and having a good time! Lots of new students and regulars ofcourse, and again a lot of familiar faces from the past - really great to see all of them. I had to adjust my set just a little bit to Zoloft's speed - I usually do not pitch down most of the records - but it seemed to be a more housy audience who appreciated the slower speed very much. And it worked out very well for me too because this gave me the possibility to mix some very oldskool tracks in with the new ones picked up from the shop lately. And together with Zoloft's choice that made a very varied night - the way we like it best. I say we do it again next year, right Zoloft?
Next gig in my agenda is a very special one. On Saturday September 22nd I will play at an electro event organized by the E-Legal Soundz crew from Liege (B). It is one of several nights by different organizations, during an art exhibition at Val St. Lambert in Seraing - close to Liege. As I understand it the setting is a modern museum building that is part of a glass factory in an old monastery. The art exhibition covers multiple disciplines like painting, sculpture, design and photography. And expecting the audience to be a mix of very different people as well, I think that I could make this a great night mixing all styles of music the Skywalker way. Although this is not one of my regular places I hope to see some familiar faces there too, ok?
> Update

About time to let you in on what I've been up to in the past month. First of all, at the end of June actually, I did another Stormtrooper with Mr Quiet. Got there a little late, but still early compared to the crowd who showed up very late (even for Backstage standards). So plenty of time left to do some warming up, which I always enjoy: getting the people on to the dancefloor and getting them in the mood for Mr Quiet making some noise. After his straight forward drum'n'bass session that kept everybody going, I felt like dropping some wicked and wild weird shit - perhaps a little bit over the top but hey it's Backstage and I was certainly not the only one who enjoyed it... Shouts to the Game.Wav Kru, and it was a pleasure to finally do this thing together after such a long time of talking about it - hope to team up again soon!
And two weeks ago my regular night 'Cooking Vinyl', this time featuring Goldfox who I met at last Dedkob event in Genk although he had also been a guest at one of our Serious Sounds nights. Again the Backstage was not at all filled with people, but then this is the low season - many similar clubs are closed in the summer due to holidays and festivals. Still a nice crowd, everybody on the dancefloor and having a good time, including some familiar faces I had not seen in a while: thanks for coming over! This time I was in very early so I had plenty of time to enjoy myself (and the staff) with some new records in an atmospheric set of about two hours. Which turned out very well (if I may say so myself) and I wish I could share it with you who were not there, but somehow the recorder failed and there is no registration of it at all... For the rest an excellent night: perfect build up from my laidback tunes and a little more uptempo stuff all the way through into Goldfox's mad raunchiness, and for desert some 'classic' back 2 back business. Nice one! Looking forward to merging our recipes more often in the future, at different kitchens perhaps?
And maitre Goldfox was very pleased to see our open-minded guests appreciating a wide variety of dishes, so compliments to all you Backstage people as well! Love to see you all again at next edition of Cooking Vinyl on Friday August 24th, with Zoloft who was my first guest when I started hosting these nights almost a year ago.

> Stuff to Look at and Listen to

In addition to the update above you can find full picture coverage of Complex in De Witte Ballons here. And if you like some music in the background listen to my warming-up mix of Cooking Vinyl featuring Philippe Maassen at

> Underground is still alive

So the party last friday in Genk was a blast, and that's just an understatement. It all took place in a brand new cultural multi-purpose building for the youth, reminding me a bit of Spuugh in Vaals. Modern date concrete structure, including a big hall with a bar. This room was cut in half by the DJ stage, but the space in front of that could still hold some 400 people. As I arrived at 01.00 (party started at 0.30) the place was already filled with a nice crowd, enjoying the set of Mr. Shroom vs Dr. Goldfox. Phat mix of raw electro/techno to get some hands up in the air - looking forward to teaming up with Goldfox for next edition of Cooking Vinyl at Backstage on friday July 20. Between 02.00 and 03.00 it was up to me and Free to do our thing. Although we rarely mix together somehow our different music selections blend together very well and it was a pity we only had one hour to split between the two of us. It was obvious that the crowd was not used to breakbeats, but apparently they enjoyed it enough to stay and we got plenty of good feedback. All in all it sure was well worth it! Thanks to Free and D.O.C. for inviting me.
Then Haste and MC D.O.C. took the rest of the night into drum'n'bass, and together they did a great performance that got the people jumping all over the place. Ofcourse everybody was waiting for this, and they were absolutely not dissapointed. And how could they be with Haste's tunes and D.O.C.'s lyrics over that - impossible to resist. After that we got treated to some Riot violence until dawn and that was the time for me to leave.
Looking forward now to dropping some drum'n'bass myself again this friday the 29th at Stormtrooper. If you want to get a taste of what that sounds like you can download my mix from Fill in the safety code field in the right top corner of that page, click the download button and follow instructions.

> Underground is Dead

I'm looking forward to this friday the 22th of May, because after a long time I will join some of my Dedkob friends in their home country Belgium. During the day and evening a festival will take place in the city of Genk, featuring all kinds of music from rock to dance with bands and DJs. It is called Genk-On-Stage so if you want know more about it you can Google that... For me the fun starts in the night, when the Dedkob guys host the afterparty in some cultural centre; you can find out more by clicking the flyer to the right here. They kick off with some techno/electro, and then Free and me will drop some electro/breaks taking you into drum'n'bass it cannot be boring. On the contrary: I think the city of Genk is going to face a little earthquake of the musical kind. And all that for just 5 euros, so be there from around midnight!
And a week later it's time for me to drop some drum'n'bass again at Stormtrooper on the 29th of June, ofcourse in the Backstage. I had a great warm-up for that at Complex in De Witte Ballons. A good crowd showed up, including the founder of Stormtrooper and Reaktor: my friend Laserbrain. It sure felt good to back in De Ballons for once, and it was a good idea to keep the party in front of the bar. Too bad the limiter kept the music volume below the level of the crowd, so I'm looking forward to the loud system at the Backstage again. Had a great time though, and big shouts to everyone there, Kees for inviting me and ofcourse Jeanny and the girls for having us! Check out the pictures here.

> Gigs in June

It looks like this month is going to be great fun, since I have 3 special gigs to look forward to. This Friday the 8th I have been invited to Cafe De Witte Ballons in Maastricht to drop some drum'n'bass tunes at an evening called Complex. Two weeks later a festival afterparty in Genk (B) takes me on a little adventure abroad. That night after the 'Genk On Stage' Festival will take you from techno through electro (Mr.Shroom vs Goldfox) and breakbeats (Free vs me) to drum'n'bass (Haste, Sub-Sonic) and jungle(core) (Riot), and it's all hosted by MC D.O.C. These are two places where I have not been in a long while so I will probably take a little trip down memory lane... Glad to be dropping my sound there again!
Always fun are the Stormtrooper nights at the Backstage, so I am also happy to host next edition on Friday the 29th, inviting Mr. Quiet of the Game.Wav Kru from Belgium. Since I will play quite a lot of drum'n'bass this month I have put an extensive dnb mix on Fill in the safety code field in the right top corner of that page, click the download button and follow instructions.

> Coming Up

This friday the 18th of May another edition of Cooking Vinyl will take place at Backstage. This time DJ E-Terno, who has recently moved to Eindhoven, will return to his roots to join me at the stove. We will be serving sizzling hot breakz in a spicey electro sauce that will make your senses blow. Kitchen is open from 21.30 hours.
And after a quite slow (or rather: busy-with-lots-of-other-things) period it looks like next month I will be doing a lot more gigs. Confirmed so far are an edition of Stormtrooper on the 29th of June and on the 22nd a gig in Genk (B), of which I will put more info on these pages soon.
So check my 'Dates' page regularly for any news.

> Offline #1

After the success of combining vinyl and laptop mixing performances during last edition of Cooking Vinyl, the guys of Backstage have decided to take this combination one step further. As a new event concept they are going to invite (local) electronic music composers who have not yet officially released any tracks but just put some on their MySpace page (or otherwise online), to perform a live set in front of an audience. So these nights will be called Offline, and the first edition will take place on Friday the 6th of April, featuring live performances by Jonas.san & Quaedackers and Jetcom. Each time another (guest) support DJ will complete the evening, and I have been asked to do just that during this first edition. Come check it out...!

> Cooking Vinyl

The Cooking Vinyl nights at the Backstage in Maastricht are going good, if I may say so myself. Thanks to my guest Philippe Maassen and again an excellent crowd last saturdays edition again was a blast. Great to finally share a stage with Philippe, fully enjoyed his Ableton Live performance and I think both our individual sounds mixed together perfectly. So we had a good night, supported by a nicely blended crowd spread all over the dancefloor and the rest of Backstage. Thanks again everyone!

> Update

This is what I've been up to in the past two months: First gig in February was Drum NN Bass at de Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen, as you can reed below. Plenty of people showed up, and I had a great time getting the place warmed up during my first set. Then Miblati set the place on fire and to be honest I must admit my second set did not turn out so well at all - probably because I had not mixed drum'n'bass for too long a time. A great party anyway, excellent sound system (pictures). Thanks to Maurice, Kees, Milan, Kevin and everyone who showed up. Second edition will take place this saturday (read more). Two weeks later, I dropped some more DnB tunes at Stormtrooper, at a less crowded Backstage in Maastricht. But everyone in was working out on the dancefloor all night, and I really enjoyed sharing the decks with Free again. Ofcourse this time I had a little practice not so long ago, and in the Backstage I am sort of 'at home' so my performance was a lot better this time. Always love the Backstage crowds too: Nice one!
This saturday, march 17, another Cooking Vinyl will take place at the Backstage. My guest Philippe Maassen will introduce a little 'Nouvelle Cuisine': he will be performing 2 Ableton Live sets straight from his laptop. So we will not just be cooking vinyl, but for the first time we will prepare a fusion menu of good old vinyl in the mix with latest software possibilities. As usual dinner will be served at 22.00 hours. I am looking forward to this 'experiment' because it seems inevitable to keep track with modern times, and there might very well be some kind of follow up to this one. To stay informed, check my 'DATES' section.

> New Event at New Venue: Drum NN Bass at Nieuwe Nor

As you can read below I have been playing a lot of electro-breaks lately, on quite succesful 'Cooking Vinyl' nights at the Backstage. But at almost every edition someone asks me when I will be playing some drum'n'bass again. And to be honest: however much I enjoy doing electro-breaks sets, my favourite music for mixing still is drum'n'bass so I have been asking myself that question too.
Well, here's the answer: on Saturday the 3rd of February I will mix some 2 hours of drum'n'bass at the first edition of 'Drum NN Bass'. This event will take place at the Nieuwe Nor, the recently opened livestage/danceclub in the centre of Heerlen - Parkstad. On this occasion I will join the boys of Miblati DJ-Team in their hometown, to make the Nieuwe Nor shake for the first time to the sounds of drum'n'bass. Apparently the state-of-the-art soundsystem is a blast, and for sure the entrance fee of 2,50 euros cannot be a reason to stay at home. More info and links in the 'DATES' section.
So all you drum'n'bass-headz in the region: mark this event in your agendas because it is definitely going to be one well worth checking out!

> MySpace

Yes, yours sincerely has set his first steps in MySpace too. You can find my basic profile at Might pay some of you a virtual vist in the near future...

> Cooking Vinyl

Looking back at last weekend this one turned out to be one of the best editions of Cooking Vinyl so far. After a slow start, probably due to the date, bad weather conditions and lack of publicity, the whole surface of the dancefloor filled up just after midnight. This happy crowd, including many new faces, fully enjoyed the electro-cuisine served by maitre Dr. Phlox and your chef Luc Skywalker. And ofcourse, the cooks had a great time too in their kitchen, for once placed back in the old dj-booth otherwise known as 'the cage'. After the main dish we all indulged in a little back to back dessert putting the cream on a very successful evening. Ofcourse thanks to all our guests and everyone involved!
Wait for the date of next edition to be announced here soon...

> Server Trouble

The server of this website crashed last weekend, and unfortunately I have no recent back-up so a lot of information is lost.
Anyway, first thing coming up is next edition of Cooking Vinyl, as usual at the Backstage in Maastricht. This edition will feature Dr. Phlox, adding his electro-techno-house-disco flavours to my electro-breaks recipe. Dinner will be served at 22.00 hours. More info in my 'DATES' section. As an appetizer you can taste the soup of the previous edition of Cooking Vinyl here: me stirring in the pans during the first hour of the evening - some 'oldskool' electro tunes.
Enjoy your meal!

> First Missions

Coincidence or not, in the next months two places that I have some unforgettable DJ-memories of, are celebrating their 25th birthday. Unforgettable, not because of size or world-famous line-ups, but just for being rare spots in my world where people can really be themselves and are not afraid to be different. Places that provide room for talent and creativity to develop and present itself, outside the limits of what is commercially acceptable or profitable. I am talking about Cafe De Witte Ballons in Maastricht and Cafe De Kachel in Eygelshoven, simple places that have allowed upcoming djs and artists to show their skills in public, in a great relaxed atmosphere. So on behalf of all of those: Congratulations to John and Danny, and Hans and Jeanny! Many thanks and keep up the good work!
First up is De Witte Ballons; celebrating this month with a variety of special events, and next thursday March 23 will be an evening in the memory of Reaktor, the open DJ-night of which a reunion took place last year. That turned out very well, so I am expecting this to be great fun too :-)

For May 2 dates have been confirmed so far: on the 13th I will do another Stormtrooper, and on the 27th Serious Breakzzz. Both events will take place at the Backstage in Maastricht. Shortly after that I can be found at the decks of THC De Kachel, more info soon at this spot.

> Duty calls

Due to the birth of the second member of the next Skywalker generation, I spent the first months of this year in the living quarters of the mothership. Now that everybody at home is safe and sound, the time has come for Luc Skywalker to report back to the bridge for duty. This does not quite mean the beginning of another heroic episode for me, just a lot of more fun to look forward to. For instance, I am going to make a comeback to a place where I have not been in ages, or certainly too long a time...